Can I have Mobile Nuclear Services performed at my facility and be in compliance with the current Medicare Guidelines?

  • Yes, current Medicare Guidelines provide for mobile nuclear services. The staff at ADT will work with you to ensure compliance.

What type of license does my facility need?

  • A licensed physician will need to be on site when the services are performed. ADT will assist you with the Radioactive Materials License that is required.

What if my office does not have a nuclear certified physician?

  • If your practice does not have a nuclear certified physician, ADT will assist you in contracting with an independent nuclear physician to interpret your scans.

What type of commitment will ADT require of my practice?

  • ADT will handle employees, equipment, and management of the nuclear program. You will need to designate an appropriate space for the service. Contract specifications are available upon request.

What other responsibilities will be required of my practice?

  • Your staff will be responsible for scheduling patients and communicating these schedules to the ADT technician.

Will there be any assistance provided for the billing and collection of the nuclear scans?

  • The staff of ADT is always available to help you with coding and billing of the nuclear procedures.

Do I need a "safety officer" for my practice?

  • Regulatory guidelines require your facility to have an RSO. ADT will assist your facility in identifying an individual with the appropriate credentials to serve in this capacity.